Appraisal Management Company

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Important Change to Submitting Fingerprint Cards

The process of submitting fingerprints as part of an AMC application or due to a change in ownership/controlling person, has changed. Effective December 1, 2017, all fingerprint cards must be requested from the Board. We can be contacted at (785) 296-6736 or e-mailed at We will mail out the number of cards you request, along with instructions on how the fingerprinting is to be handled and a self-addressed envelope. All demographic information on the fingerprint card should be completed prior to imprinting. Once a fingerprint card has been imprinted, it cannot be in the possession of the AMC owner/controlling person. The imprinted card and page 4 of the AMC-2 form, completed by the fingerprinting agency, are then mailed in the self-addressed envelope.
Instructions for Completing and Submitting Fingerprint Card(s) (9 KB PDF)


2023 AMC Renewal Form (182 KB PDF)

How to Request Letter of Good Standing

There is no form or fee for requesting a letter of good standing for an AMC. Requests are made in writing (either e-mail to or US Mail) giving the AMC’s name as it appears on the Registration Certificate, the AMC’s Kansas registration number, and the address they would like the letter mailed to.

Important Notice

AMCs that have submitted a properly completed application, but who are pending the criminal history check, will be issued a provisional registration number to allow them to continue business uninterrupted on and after October 1, 2012. The full certificate of registration will be issued upon the Boards receipt of the results of the KBI/FBI record check.

AMCs that have been issued a full certificate of registration will have an ID number of KS***. AMCs that have been issued a provisional registration will have an ID number of KSP***.

Proposed Regulations